Parking Lot Construction

Beginning February 2018, Schneck Medical Center will begin construction on a new 5-story Parking Garage and office building on the north side of the hospital and Jackson Medical Building.  The parking lot adjacent to the Jackson Medical Building where our Seymour office is located will be inaccessible.  Pine St will also be closed from Highway 50 (Tipton St). 

Important Update

Your physicians and health care team at Family Medical Center are working hard to improve the accessibility to the highest quality health care.  Beginning March 1st, our Seymour and Brownstown offices will be expanding our business hours.  Appointments with physicians will be available 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday,

The Flu — 10 Things You Need to Know

  1. A flu vaccine does not cause you to get sick.  The viruses in the vaccine are either killed (shot) or weakened (nasal spray/mist), which means they do not cause infection.
  2. The “stomach flu” and influenza are not the same thing. Influenza is a respiratory illness, not a stomach or intestinal disease.

Is Your Soda Really Diet?

  It may seem like a good thing to drink diet soda, but new evidence suggests it might be just the opposite.  Scientists at Purdue University, found that drinking diet soda may actually lead to you gaining more weight.  There has previously been a correlation noted between those who drink these so-called diet sodas with bigger waistlines.  

A Cherry a Day Keeps the Gout Away

Many patients often ask me about “natural” or “alternative” treatment for medical conditions.  Many of the reported “natural” remedies are unsubstantiated in medical research and some potentially could cause harm as they might interact with medications or lead to other issues.  Certain foods could pose some harm.  For example, grapefruit and grapefruit juice interacts with numerous medications metabolized by the liver.